The movie with the playroom

holidayOf the four movies Kate and Cary made together, Bringing up Baby (1938) and The Philadelphia Story (1940) get all the attention. Everybody’s seen them and everybody loves them. Sylvia Scarlett (1935) is the one that their fans had to watch because they’re loyal fans and they wanted to watch all of their movies. It’s not THAT bad, but it is the worst of the lot. Basically, if those four films were a band (let’s call them The Fab Four. Oh wait…), Sylvia Scarlett would have been kicked out for its backstage anticts and it would have probably been the first to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. And then there’s Holiday (1938), which, again, if they were a band, would have been a very underrated bassist and it probably would have gotten an MBE or OBE for its services to music, years after they had peaked. It’s a gem of a film. The story is very simple: it’s the holiday season, there’s a huge house, probably the biggest house I’ve ever seen in a film. I mean, there’s an elevator, for Heaven’s sake! And there’s a sister who wants to marry Cary, but he falls in love with Kate and Kate falls in love with him and they kiss and hug and live happily ever after. It’s just an absolutely delightful movie. And it will put a smile on your face no matter what mood you’re in. Love, love, love it.

8 thoughts on “The movie with the playroom

  1. Oh that’s very true. TPS and BUB get all the attention and Holiday is not talked about as much
    Loved the music band analogy. Totally accurate. Poor Sylvia Scarlett. It’s obviously the first of the bunch.
    Story wise Holiday is not very complex but I remember when I first watched that many times I was still laughing from one joke and a second one was thrown in and I just kept laughing in a string. Plus you get to see Cary Grant’s physical abilities employed into physical comedy.

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      1. caracoleta07

        I finally rewatched it!
        That was indeed a big house. Cary Grant looked tiny in it 😅
        Loved that they had the stairs to impress and the elevator for accessibility 👌

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