Barbara Stanwyck 5I just love Barbara Stanwyck! Unfortunately, most people will remember her from The Big Valley, instead of the many great movies she made during The Golden Age. After years of being a member of almost every classic movie page on FB and interacting with classic movie buffs from all over the world, I’ve realized that Barbara Stanwyck is one of the most popular and beloved actresses ever. She’s not the most famous nor is she everyone’s number one favorite, but she is definitely the one EVERYBODY loves. There’s nothing not to love about her. Aside from being a great and versatile actress, there’s also something really comfortable about her. I don’t know what it is, but when you’re watching her, you feel safe. Everybody who worked with her loved her. Marilyn actually once said that she was the only actress from the older generation who was nice to her when they worked together in Clash by Night. Great film, by the way. She’s just fantastic. And she’s also the answer to the question ‘Who was known as ‘The Best Actress Who Never Won An Oscar?’ which will ALWAYS come up in old movie quizzes. It’s a crime, I tells ya. Four nominations, ZERO Oscars. Ridiculous. She’s still awesome, though.

9 thoughts on “Babs!

  1. Missy!
    I absolutely love her
    From the first time I ever saw her on Ball of Fire. She was crazy and fun and that drew me in
    She’s delightful
    She was a darling. A decent person to everyone she met.
    She also knew the name of every member of the crew and even the name of their family members. That’s impressive. She really cared.
    Not to mention all the hardships she had in life. Particularly the early and later years.
    There’s a reason she’s called The Queen 🙂

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  2. I’ve always realized that everybody loves Cary Grant, but finding so much love towards Missy on the internet was fantastic! I actually became a superfan inspired by one of my internet friends. I haven’t seen all her films yet, but she is always a delight to watch!

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