The fans

We classic movie buffs are  one of the most fierce fandoms on the planet. We are experts, we know every line from every movie, we know who won an Oscar when and for what, we get references right away and we have little private marathons in celebration of an actor or director’s birthday (yes, we absolutely do, ask anybody). I just love how ‘connected’ we all seem to be. Like, you join any Facebook group about the classics, and it feels like one huge family. In the real world, movies from 1970 onwards have taken over and are more immediately recognizable and, great as they are, because of that, the classics are often overlooked. You have to look for a specific list or poll that has the word ‘classic’ in the title for them to appear on it. But that’s a good thing, actually, because that means they’re in a league of their own, which they are.

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