I’m terrible at doing top 10 lists. Or top 5, for that matter. You know what I’m good at? Top 4 lists. Somehow I always struggle to find my 5th favorite anything. So my Hitchcock top 4 goes a little something like this: Rear Window, Notorious, Vertigo and Psycho. Honorable mention to Dial m for murder, Rope and North by Northwest. And To catch a Thief. See? It’s practically impossible. But yeah, Rear Window has always been my favorite, and Notorious has always been my second favorite. It’s not the most typical Hitchcock film, but there’s something fascinating about it. And that something is that kiss. That now infamous kiss on the balcony. Second only to the kiss from From Here to Eternity and that’s debatable. You’ve got Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. And Rio. And it’s just beautiful. The sweetness of the kiss, they way they talk to each other, the way they try not to fall in love with each other… It’s just grand. And it was practically impossible to film, because of the Hays Code (no more than three seconds per kiss). So three seconds it was. A million times, over and over. And it was enough.

7 thoughts on “No-no-notorious!

  1. I’m terrible at doing lists too, but Notorious is there for certain, whether it’s a fav movies list, a top Hitchcock film or romantic flicks.

    When it comes to the work of A. Hitchcock I’m only certain of my top 2 – Notorious and Spellbound – and after that I have another 10 favs that I don’t know in which order to place 😛

    That kiss… Just reading this and thinking about it… I just love that movie so much!
    I love Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman individually, but together… They’re perfection!
    I love all of the movie’s promo shots. So much tenderness comes through them…

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  2. You know me, I love doing list aha! My 4 (since your were doing a top 4) favourite Hitchcock’s films are 1- The Man Who Knew too Much (1956), 2- Strangers on a Train, 3- Shadow of a Doubt and 4- Rear Window (that I’m going to see on big screen next monday!)
    Oh and the Notorious kiss is my favourite on-screen kiss ever! I agree with everyting you’ve said about it! Just a delightful moment. When I watcg it I’m just like “aaah.. Love is beautiful.” 🙂

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  3. Nice post, Carol! And who would ever forget that kiss! They indeed had a a lot of chemistry.

    Love to read your top 4 as well. I myself LOVE making list and once had a blog filled with my list of things, but mostly movies.

    However, to honor your Top Four, here are mine:

    1. Rope
    2. Rear Window
    3. Dial M for Murder
    4. The Trouble with Harry

    Of course the order changed all the time. Sometimes, you’d find Stranger on a Train, The Birds, Psycho, I Confess, North By Northwest, Notorious, etc there as well.

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