The feud


Before Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, before Oasis and Blur and before Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith, there was Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. They are the reigning queens of celebrity feuds. I mean, those two, bloody ‘ell! I would have LOVED to have witnessed a Twitter feud between the two of them. Some say the feud started when Joan married Franchot Tone, who was previously in a relationship with Bette. Others say Joan got mad when Bette knicked Joan’s shoulderpads and wore them as earmuffs. Who knows, the point is they didn’t really like each other. Now, one of the most famous Bette/Joan, or BJoan, or Jette, anecdotes happened at the 1963 Academy Awards ceremony. Bette was nominated for Baby Jane and she really wanted to win, so Joan asked all the other nominees if she could accept the Oscar for them, if they weren’t going to be there. Anne Bancroft ended up winning and Joan walked down to accept it, and when she reached Bette’s seat, she put her hand on her shoulder and said ‘Excuse me, I’ve got an Oscar to accept’. Ouch. And of course, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) is a testament to their feud. I wish I could have been there when they were filming it. Rumour has it that Joan was supposed to be in Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte (1964), but Bette’s good friend Olivia deHavilland ended up getting the role. Oh well.

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