Desert Island movies!

I love desert island questions! You know, like ‘What three items would you take with you?’ and all that. They are seriously so much fun. Desert Island questions and This or That questions. Better yet, Desert Island This or That questions. Ohhh, imagine the fun! My go-to question is ‘If you could take one movie, one song and one book with you to a desert island for a year, what would they be?’ The Philadelphia Story, Rio by Duran Duran and Greg Proops’ The Smartest Book in the World. That’s a lovely private party right there. Soooo, today I’ll celebrate my love for desert island questions (that Roberta Flack/Peabo Bryson song would have been a lot different if they’d named it that), and I’ll post my Top 5 movies I’d take with me to a desert island.

1. The Philadelphia Story (1940) – Like with everything else in my life, Kate Hepburn would get me through a year on a desert island. Also, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. It’s one of those movies you never get tired of watching.
2. All about Eve (1950) – It’s just genius. So funny and witty. Also one of those movies you can watch over and over again.
3. The Apartment (1960) – It’s my favorite movie of all time.
4. Double Indemnity (1944) – I love noir and this is my favorite.
5. Meet me in St Louis (1944) – It’d be awesome to watch a musical on a desert island!
You know what, with the right amount of snacks and movies, the idea of spending a whole year on a desert island isn’t actually that bad…

6 thoughts on “Desert Island movies!

  1. caracoleta07

    The three items I’d take would be a boat, sunscreen / hat and a box with water and some food for the journey back ^_^

    The movie, song and book would be:
    – maybe ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ to keep the spirits up; it’s simply one of the funniest ones around
    – a song would be the hardest to choose. Right now I can only think of Life With You by The Proclaimers, since it’s a song I that can make me happy on days when I’m depressed
    – I’d take either one of the books I have on my unread shelf

    I loved the play with the Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack song ^_^

    My top 5 would be:
    1. The Sound of Music – My favorite movie of all time and it’s a musical so it had to here
    2. The Parent Trap – It’s not a classic, in fact it’s a (better, in my opinion) remake of a classic and so far it males my top list seem very childish but I don’t care
    3. La Vita È Bella (Life is Beautiful) – and the would tick the drama box
    4. Notorious – that one would tick all the boxes – romance, classic, mystery, …
    5. Penny Serenade – That was the movie that really got me into the Classics and it’s lovely and poignant, however I sometimes switch it with Gladiator in this list


      1. caracoleta07

        Of course, of course of course ^_^
        You know me very well.

        As I was writing that top 5 list I kept thinking of more titles… Even though this is my top 5 it means I wouldn’t be able to watch any other movies besides these and that’s just tragic for someone who loves movies so much lol
        Unless we all ended up on the same island and could watch each other’s movies. That would be a better deal

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