Now, Sunset Boulevard. I suspect if there was a worldwide poll to find the most popular Billy Wilder movie of all time, this might win. Yes, everybody loves Some Like It Hot (including me! Oh my God, that movie!), but I think people have a ‘thing’ for Sunset Boulevard. I literally have never met anyone in my entire life who didn’t like it. Even people who don’t particularly like the classics that much (those plonkers!), they will tell you that they LOVE Sunset Boulevard. And to try and figure out exactly what makes it so popular would be impossible. It’s a really addictive movie and it keeps you coming back to it. It’s dark and odd (in the best way possible), but there’s something comforting about it. I think one of the really interesting things about it is the fact that William Holden’s character is supposed to be dead and yet he is the narrator. I think that was Billy’s way of saying ‘this isn’t to be taken seriously, people’. He actually did once say that the only thing worse than not being taken seriously would be to be taken too seriously. And Sunset Boulevard is the perfect example of that.

6 thoughts on “Close-up…

  1. caracoleta07

    “I literally have never met anyone in my entire life who didn’t like it.” Actually you have, darling, you just didn’t know it xP
    I might have rewatch it and see how I find it nowadays but when I watched w/ my parents none of us was crazy about it.
    I did love what you mentioned about the story being told by the dead guy, the performances are brilliant and there are several shots that remain in my head, having watched it only once – that’s the sign of great cinematography.

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