Party like it’s 1943!

Joan, Judy and Jane

Being an old soul, whenever I see photos like this one, I think to myself. ‘Can someone get me a time machine please?’. I mean, just the Hollywood bit, though. I wouldn’t want to live in ‘real-life 1940s’. But Hollywood? Oh yes indeed. Ahh, those wonderful Hollywood parties! Everytime I watch That’s Entertainment! (1974) and that party footage comes up, I always wish I could have been there. All those amazing people, laughing and drinking and talking about the arts. *SIGH* And it’s so wonderful to think they all knew each other. Some of them may not have worked together, but when the evening came, they all went down to the Trocadero and voila! See this picture here for instance, don’t you just wish you knew what Joan Crawford was saying! Judy Garland and Jane Wyman seem to be having a ball. I want to be friends with all of them. And Eve Arden. I have the feeling that if you were friends with Eve Arden, you’d never stop laughing. I can do a good impression of her too, but that’s a different story.

16 thoughts on “Party like it’s 1943!

  1. caracoleta07

    Oh I always want a time machine anyway… Wanted one ever since I was like 3 or 4
    Oh man… wouldn’t it be lovely to meet our favorites? I’d love to visit the 40’s

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