Laura (1944)

laura_1944_webb-gene2Laura (1944), directed by Otto Preminger, is one of my favorite movies. And second favorite noir, after Double Indemnity. 1944 was a hell of a year for noir! The 1939 of noir, if you will. And I’ve always felt that Laura doesn’t get enough credit. It’s a fantastic film, with fantastic performances. Gene Tierney was born to play Laura, Dana Andrews has the dead-pan delivery of a detective down to a T, and Clifton Webb deservedly got an Oscar nomination for playing probably the most arrogant and self-absorbed character in all of film noir, and that’s including ALL the femme fatales. Vincent Price and Judith ‘Mrs Danvers’ Anderson are also in this and what a great double act they make!

The mystery surrounding Laura and what happened to her is played out perfectly and with a great twist. And that opening line! ‘I shall never forget the weekend Laura died’ BOOM, you’re in. This is ‘hooking-the-audience-from-the-first-scene’ 101. Oh, and David Raksin’s score will haunt you for years. The American Film Institute named it the 7th greatest movie score of all time. Pretty great, huh?

13 thoughts on “Laura (1944)

  1. I saw this film for the first time in the place going to San Francisco. Well, it was on a very small screen, but don’t you think it’s nice you can watch classic films in Air Canada planes? 😀 And I thought it was a great film! Gene Tierney was such a beauty!

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    1. caracoleta07

      Me too
      The first time I heard about was through reading a detailed account of the entire movie so I always wanted to wait until the details escaped my mind
      Might finally watch it this week

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