Cary Grant

Cary Grant 46Could he be possibly the greatest male movie star of all time? I think so. He was born for Hollywood and Hollywood was more than lucky to have him. His understated yet enormous talent for drama and comedy, his blinding good looks, his charisma and personality and his impeccable fashion sense all add up to make one fantastic and ever-lasting career in the movies. Weirdly enough, for a career that includes gems like The Philadelphia Story (1940), Notorious (1946) and North by Northwest (1959), to name a few, he never won an Academy Award and was only nominated twice (Penny Serenade in 1941, and None but the Lonely Heart in 1944). He did however get an Honorary Oscar in 1970 which, in some ways, might actually be better than a competitive Oscar. Not that any of that means anything, when you’re Cary bloody Grant. He actually famously once said ‘Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.’ Class.

11 thoughts on “Cary Grant

  1. Mike

    thanks, Carol. I think because he was so good looking people didn’t focus on what a versatile actor he was. Didn’t know he was only nominated twice – he was robbed!!

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  2. caracoleta07

    Yes, he could! lol
    I think so too.
    He was my first ever favourite actor and it was through him that I became a fan of the Classics. When, after having already watched The Amazing Adventure aka The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss, I found Penny Serenade, it immediately became one of my favorites. It made me want more. More Hollywood Classics, more Cary Grant.

    I co-sign your list on what made him so wonderful

    And wasn’t it so sweet when he wiped his eye after recieving it from Frank Sinatra?
    Or when he presented Jimmy Stewart with his and they were both overcome with emotion…

    And how awesome do you have to be to knock your real name into several of your movies?

    I also adore the anedocte love of how he responded to that reporter’s telegram that inquired “How old Cary Grant?” by saying “Old Cary Grant fine. How you?” Badass on top of class ^_^

    I have so many feeling oand thoughts on the subject that I could talk all day long, and in fact I have… But ultimately it makes me very happy and proud that my birthday is only two days before his

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    1. His Oscars moments with Frank and Jimmy were just absolutely lovely!!!
      I was thinking about that anecdote! It’s just priceless. But I decided to go with the most famous one, cause it’s so iconic!
      Yeah!!! Can you imagine having a joint birthday party with him every year like Shirley MacLaine and Barbra Streisand do, on the 17th?! Ahhh, fabulous.

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  3. Rita Alderman

    My favorite too. I have most of his wonderful movies & watch them all the time. No other actor past or present comes close to Cary. Debonare, sophistocated, & crazy funny all in one! What more could anyone want??

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