Spellbound (1945)

215px-Spellbound_originalI first saw this film with one of my favorite people in the world, my very good friend Denise, who, like me, loves classic movies. We live in different countries and, because of that, we sometimes watch movies on YouTube together and talk about them on Facebook as we’re watching them. It’s really cool. This was one of those. It’s not one of Hitch’s most famous movies, but it’s a great one nonetheless. Ingrid Bergman plays Dr Constance Petersen, a psychoanalyst who is often thought to be cold and emotionless. That is, until she meets Dr Anthony Edwardes, played by Gregory Peck. She notices that there is something strange about him and, as she tries to figure out what it is, she falls in love with him. And surprise surprise, he falls in love with her. She then realizes that he is a fraud and he confesses to having killed the real Anthony Edwardes and stolen his identity. I’m not going to spoil it for you, because there’s a hell of a twist, but I’ll just say that this is one of the most intense love stories ever put on film and if you don’t fall in love with both of them, check your pulse. Great, great film.

11 thoughts on “Spellbound (1945)

  1. caracoleta07

    Awww I feel so honoured!!!
    You’re one of my absolutes favourite people in the world as well 😀

    I love doing that. We definitely have to settle a date for our next conjoined watching session
    I still remember our first – Random Harvest. Back then we still lived in the same country and we used the MSN messenger. Oh the good old days…
    And this one was also at that time and the first time I watched it too.

    So true. It’s one of my fav Hitchcock films and not just because it stars two of my favourite people (Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck). I love the subject. The soundtrack that gets imprinted in your mind and youn can always recall it (very appropriate for a work that focus on the workings of the human mind). The twists. The thrills. The romance. The artistic way in which the dreams were portrayed – Who better to do it than a Surrealist artist, whose main tools is the oniric?.

    But really it doesn’t hurt at all that the main couple is portrayed by two of the most gorgeous people that ever walked the planet. Or that they kiss several times…

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    1. We totally need to do it again!!!
      Yeah, the soundtrack is to die for. One of he best of all time.
      I know, those two together are just…. AAAHHH!! Fireworks, and feels all over the place!!! Just gorgeous. And what an have amazing chemistry!!

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