My top 10 Favorite Classic Movie Scores

I’m a big fan of movie scores and composers, and I’ve tried sooo very hard to do a top 10, top 20, and whatnot, of my favorite or ‘best’ movie soundtracks of all time. I’m not very good at that type of thing, but I think I’ve finally come up with something. So these are my personal favorite movie scores of the classic era (in no particular order).

Double Indemnity, 1944 (Miklos Rosza) – daaaa… da-da-daaaa….. DA-DA-DA-DAAAA… That opening sequence is epic!

Laura, 1944 (David Raksin) – the score of this film will continue to live through the ages. The film is not nearly as well-known as it should be, but somehow, the score is.

Now Voyager, 1942 (Max Steiner) – one of the most instantly recognizable scores of all time. In fact, I bet you’re singing it in your head right now.

Psycho, 1960 (Bernard Herrmann) – this is probably the most famous of them all. Those strings!

Rebecca, 1940 (Franz Waxman) – so mysterious and spooky, just like the movie itself.

Sunset Boulevard, 1950 (Franz Waxman) – it hooks you from the opening credits and it never lets go.

The Apartment, 1960 (Adolph Deutsch) – the scene when Baxter comes home and has to clean up everything is perfectly complimented by the sweet, lovely little tune. Did I ever mention that this is my favorite movie of all time?

The Lion in Winter, 1968 (John Barry) – a very unusual score for an equally unusual film.

The Third Man, 1949 (Anton Kara) – a lively, unusual score that makes a wonderful contrast with the plot and theme of the movie.

Vertigo, 1958 (Bernard Herrmann) – the greatest movie ever made (according to Sound & Sight magazine) also has one of the greatest scores and probably my number 1 favorite.

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