Bette DavisBette Davis really was something, wasn’t she? Not only was she a tremendous talent and a consummate professional with an extraordinary career that includes Jezebel (1938), All about Eve (1950) and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), but she also, as they say, ‘fought the system’. She fought for better roles for women, she fought for good scripts and good directors, she refused to be the ‘girl next door’, she became the first female President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1941, and in 1942, she and John Garfield created the famous Hollywood Canteen. On top of that, she sued Warner Bros. She talks about it on her 1972 interview with Dick Cavett, which you can watch on YouTube. Fascinating story. The whole interview is an eye-opener and a great insight into 1930s and 1940s Hollywood. She talks about her ‘enormous discipline’ and how that helped her along the way. And, as you can read on her tombstone, she did it the hard way. Hats off.

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  1. caracoleta07

    My mum loves her, especially in Now Voyager and All About Eve
    I think whether you love her, hate her, simply like or are unsure she is unforgettable
    She was influential and you still feel the ripples of the waves she made back then

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  2. Mike

    thanks, Carol. yes, Bette Davis like Kate Hepburn was not only a great actress but a woman ahead of her time and made it easier for actresses that followed them. Always liked Bette’s line later in life – “old age isn’t for sissies”.

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  3. Bette is one of my favorites. Have you read Whitney Stine’s “Mother Goddam” or “I’d Love to Kiss You”? Both great books about her and written with her cooperation/collaboration, which makes them even more fascinating to read!

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      1. “Mother Goddam” in particular is very unique. Stine wrote the book and then Bette went through and added her own commentary, correcting him in places and sharing anecdotes. Her words are published in red, and his in black. Not your average star bio! I recommend it to everyone!

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