Classic movie blogs and Facebook pages I recommend

These are just some of the blogs I follow and FB pages I’ve ‘liked’ and am a member of. I will leave some of them out (don’t take it personally!) simply because most of the people that follow my blog also follow those blogs and pages.


Shadowsandsatin – My personal favorite. I think I’m obsessed with it.

The wonderful world of cinema

The Motion Pictures


The Hollywood Venue

***4 Star Films ****

In the good ol’ days of Classic Hollywood

Once upon a screen…

Journeys in Classic Film

Cinema Crossroads

Criteron Blues…

The Blonde at the Film







Hollywood Confidential – Oh my God, the photos! As you can imagine, this page is about candid, exclusive, behind-the-scenes Hollywood photos that you’ve probably never seen before. It’s so awesome!

Cinema Classico – Loads and loads and loads of photos! With over 100 albums!

Classic Hollywood Los Angeles Times – Photos and trivia. TV shows included.

Classic Film Lovers’ Haven – This is a really famous group. It’s not a photo page, it’s a group where people talk about the classics

Classic Noir Lovers’ Haven – Same thing, but about Film Noir

Spellbound – This is a group about all movies, although most of its members do have a preference for the classics

Katharine Hepburn. With an ‘A’ – For Kate fans


Take a look at these pages and ‘like’ them if you… like them. For fans of classic Hollywood, these are a treat!

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