Little story

Did I ever tell you my Katharine Hepburn story? Well, my mom and I were roaming the streets of Venice a few years ago, when we came across the shop from the movie, where Jane and Renato meet for the first time. We noticed that they had this picture frame with a photo of Kate and Rossano Brazzi in it. (They are clearly very proud of the fact that Summertime (1955) was shot there.) Obviously that caught my eye right away. We went in and asked the lady there if we could have the photo. Just the photo. She said no, so this Italian man came up to us and he said ‘I’m going to buy a picture frame, I can get that one and then I can give you the photo.’ So he bought it and we got it. Very nice man, he was. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys. Every time I watch Summertime, I think about that.


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