Mourning the death of a celebrity

I have met quite a few people in my life who have said that they don’t understand why people cry when a celebrity dies. ‘I mean, they’re just a singer/an actor/a writer/whatever, I didn’t know them personally, so why would I cry?’. Needless to say, those monsters have no heart or feelings and are probably the same people who say they don’t understand why someone would watch a movie more than three times. These are people who don’t know or feel ‘art’ (in all forms), probably troll people in the YouTube comment section and only go out once a week to go get a loaf of bread. Heartless, boring plonkers. I don’t understand how someone can live their lives without watching films, or listening to music and subsequently being emotionally attached to whoever has provided that for them. It is indeed possible to cry over the death of a celebrity, if they’ve affected your life in one way or another. You don’t necessarily have to have Sunday dinners with them, or buy them presents for Christmas to have a deep connection with them. You don’t choose your family, but you do chose the things that are part of your every day life. It’s not just the death of a family member or friend that can make you cry. And the irony is, those people are so shallow they probably wouldn’t cry then either. And then, the thing that really boils my piss is when a celebrity that they DID like dies, they’ll go ‘Oh, I usually don’t cry when a famous person dies, but he/she really got to me’ YES EXACTLY. See, it’s just the one person but it is possible! NOW you understand. If that person did that to you, then why is it so hard to understand that some other famous person might have had the same impact on someone else? I’ve cried over many a celebrity death and I shall continue to cry, thank you very much. In fact, I sometimes think about Bowie and start to cry. And that’s OK. Those entitled, arrogant dipsticks will never understand and that, sadly, is never going to ch-ch-ch-ch-change. Ha! Get it? *sigh* anyway, rant over. You can carry on with your day.

13 thoughts on “Mourning the death of a celebrity

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I think for me I do not “cry” if there is no emotional attachment. For example, I was never a big fan of Prince’s music, so while his death is admittedly tragic it has not emotionally affected me in any way. So I do not think this makes me a monster, I just simply do not have a personal point of reference to draw from.

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    1. That’s what I’m saying. I’m not saying you’re a monster for not crying over Prince’s death. I didn’t cry either. I’m saying people who routinely have made it a rule not to cry over a celebrity because they’re just a celebrity, are monsters. People who laugh and scoff at people who do cry, are monsters. It’s not the involuntary reaction to a celebrity death, or lack thereof, that makes them monsters. It’s the conscious thing that they’ve come up with in their heads that does. It’s the ‘just a celebrity’ mentality.

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  2. So well said Carol!
    I don’t think I ever cried when a celebrity died yet, but that’s just because I’m not really a crying person (except when I watch films). It has nothing to do with the fact that the person is a celebrity or not. But of course I can be affected in other ways by a celebrity’s dead. I remember when Joan Fontaine and Peter O’Toole died (not on the same day, but I learned both news the same day) I just couldn’t sleep at night.

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    1. I understand. When I said ‘cry’, I meant, being sad altogether, whether you cry or not. Just the general idea of not feeling anything because they’re a celebrity is what really upsets me.

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  3. A Suspicious Character

    Well said, Carol. In my case, I think I am became the way that I am because of films I watch, books that I read or songs that I heard. So, when one of the people that inspired me, especially when I grew up, passed away, I’d be saddened by it. I feel even though I don’t know them personally (and they don’t know me), but somehow they had always been in my world through difficult times and good times. And you know sometimes you just want to take a break from real world by watching your favorite film, reading your favorite book or listen to your favorite band and that’s how you made a emotional connection to them.

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  4. I cried when the DJ John Peel died, because he was so much more than a DJ, he introduced me and millions of over 40+ years to new and challenging music, he was a musical mentor to us. he had a profound effect on us, changed our lives and the lives of millions of musicians. My partner and I went to his funeral and I am not ashamed to say I spent most of it in tears. He was also a very nice, unassuming man, a great man. Why wouldn’t I cry?

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  5. Mike

    Enjoyed your passionate piece Carol. I can’t say I cry but I do have much empathy when one of my favorites passes on. It’s only human to mourn someone who has brought much joy to you in your life

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