Katharine Hepburn, who else?

Kate 63

When my friend Margaret invited me to write something for the Katharine Hepburn blogathon, I said yes right away. But then I thought, ‘What in the world could I possibly write about? This is Kate Hepburn we’re talking about, there’s not much left to write!’. And then I thought I’d just write about my love and admiration for her and her impact on my life. Oh and I’m also doing a Stage Door review, later on. But back to Kate.

I’ve loved Katharine Hepburn since I was 15 years old. My first movie was The Philadelphia Story and it continues to be my favorite of hers. For years, I’ve called her my ‘idol’. And the frustrating thing about idols is that you want to be like them, but you know you never will. I want to have her courage, her strength, her perseverance and her attitude in general, but I know I don’t. Nor have I ever pretended that I do. She’s ‘one of a kind’, as people might say. And that’s part of the reason why she’s so fascinating.

‘Fascinating’. That’s one word she used to say a lot. ‘Cold sober, I find myself absolutely fascinating.’, she once said. And she wasn’t being arrogant. She was absolutely right. She was and continues to be fascinating. If you don’t believe me, just pick up a copy of ‘Me: stories of my life’. That book is, for lack of a more irritating cliché, life-changing. It has gotten me through some tough times over the years. Whether it’s a story about her childhood, the shooting of a movie, or her many, many inspirational quotes and life lessons, there’s always something there to comfort me. Except her heart-breaking letter to Spencer Tracy. Seriously, have your hankies at the ready.

I’ve always felt like she’s like a friend to me. In fact, I’d like to think we would have been BFFs, you know, if I hadn’t been born a million years too late.

Anyway, here’s to Kate! Happy Heavenly Birthday ! ❤ On with the marathon!

9 thoughts on “Katharine Hepburn, who else?

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  2. Nice! Discovering her at a rough point of my life has helped me immensely, and shaped who I am. I’ll probably never be like her, but if I can be better than I currently am with her inspiration, I’m already happy.
    Thanks for the kind comment!

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