Happy Birthday Barbara Stanwyck!


There’s something about Barbara Stanwyck. Sure, she made some awesome movies and was a great and versatile actress – perhaps the most versatile of all time – but it’s not just that. There’s a soothing, warm quality about her that draws you to her. At least, that’s the case with me. Whenever I watch one of her movies, it feels like an old friend came ’round for afternoon tea. She’s comforting, and she makes you feel safe and relaxed. Her voice, her smile and the fact that you know that whichever movie you’re watching, it’s going to be good because she’s in it… she just had it, whatever it was.

Happy Birthday Babs, and thank you for everything ❤


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Barbara Stanwyck!

      1. caracoleta07

        I still remember when we watched it together
        Have you already watched The Two Mrs Carrolls? If not we must do it one of these days

        Barbara was someone I’d like to have been friends with as you well know and the funny thing is that I know 3 great women who shared her birthday. I guess great people are born on the 16th of every month ^_^

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