Going places…

travelling.jpgDid you ever want to go to a country or a city because one of your favorite movies was set there? That’s happened to me quite a lot and I actually have a list.

Over the years, I’ve been to a few places on that list, like the French Riviera/Monaco, which I had wanted to go to because of To Catch a Thief (1955). And it’s as beautiful in real life as it is on the screen. I’ve also been to Venice, which was the setting for Summertime (1955). Venice is quite possibly my favorite city in the world, apart from London. It is just ridiculously gorgeous. There’s something about it that sets it apart completely from every other city in the world. When you’re there, it almost feels like you’ve gone back in time. I can’t wait to go there again.

Vienna, Austria is one of the places I want to go, because of The Third Man (1949) and the Ultravox song. Also Hartford, Connecticut, which is the birthplace of Katharine Hepburn. Oh and Miami, FL, but that’s mostly because of The Golden Girls.

17 thoughts on “Going places…

      1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

        To be quite honest China I can pinpoint to a specific “movie” – the 360 degree China show at EPCOT in Orlando, lol.


  1. I visited Venice last summer and fell in love with the city, you’re right about it feeling like you’re stepping back in time. I went to Vienna on the same trip too and got to ride the Ferris wheel that Holly and Harry went on in the movie, so that was very cool. I also visited Rome and Salzburg on that trip (it was a great summer), and seeing Roman Holiday and The Sound of Music beforehand made me appreciate those cities more!

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  2. stevedallas

    Good choices, all. I started a blog entry list of top 10 movie locations I’d like to visit, but so far I haven’t made it past #5 (In terms of writing the entries, I mean. I have yet to visit any of them. Someday maybe I’ll finish the list and get to visit one or two!)

    1: Portofino, Italy, to visit Castello Brown, the castle where Enchanted April was filmed.

    2. Tokyo, Japan, to visit the Park Hyatt hotel, where Lost in Translation was filmed.

    3. New York, New York, to take the Midtown Rush Hour Tour with Timothy “Speed” Levitch, the subject of the 1993 documentary “Speed.”

    4. Vienna, Austria, to retrace the steps of Jesse and Celine as seen in Before Sunrise.
    5. The Motlatse Canyon Provincial Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga, South Africa, otherwise known as “God’s window.”

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  3. A Suspicious Character

    Next time I go to San Francisco, I definitely must visit all the famous setting from Hitchcock’s vertigo. Of course, every time I visit New York, I always feel familiar with the city for having been in so many classic films.

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  4. Vienna is awesome! As you know I’ve been there this summer and of course we saw the famous great wheel from The Third Man and we met Paul Henreid’s grandson who showed us the famous Third Man door where Harry Lime appears 🙂
    For the movie location I also recommend San Francisco because of Vertigo!

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