‘What? They never won an Oscar?!’ Part 2



Carole Lombard

My Man Godfrey, 1936/37

I love Carole Lombard in everything. I am constantly amazed at how effortlessly funny and talented she was. Such a joy to watch, every time.







Robert Mitchum

The Story of G.I. Joe, 1945/46

Noir was his thing and it’s a shame he wasn’t given more credit for his performances. He was always great and unbelievably cool.






William Powell

The Thin Man, 1934/35

My Man Godfrey, 1936/37

Life with Father, 1947/48

I’ve yet to meet a classic Hollywood buff who doesn’t love William Powell. He was just so instantly likable, not to mention incredibly talented. And he made it look so easy!



davidwithhornsforfmsonlineDavid Raksin

Forever Amber, 1947/48

Separate Tables, 1958/59

Laura (1944) is, of course, his masterpiece. Other film composers of his generation seem to have won 3 or 4 Oscars each, so it’s a bit of a shame he got none. Nevertheless, he did have one helluva career.


Fritz LANG

Fritz Lang

^ see that? Blank. Fritz Lang was never nominated for an Oscar. Just goes to show how pointless awards are.








Robert Siodmak

The Killers, 1946/47

Just the opening sequence of The Killers alone should have gotten him the Oscar. And could we all start calling Robert Siodmak ‘The King of Atmosphere’? Thanks.




Part 3 coming soon!


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