Things I’ve said as a Classic Hollywood buff…


These are all things I’ve said either to myself (!) or to other people. They all true and I sometimes wish they weren’t…

‘Alright, Carol, you’ve been watching too many movies from 1932’

‘Never tell anyone how many times you’ve seen Double Indemnity (1944)’

‘This is too much Veronica Lake in one week’

 ‘You can’t book my plane ticket for the 22nd, Mom, that’s Billy’s [Wilder] birthday!’

*someone tells me when their birthday is* Me: ‘OMG that’s the same day as *Old Hollywood personality*, that’s so cool!’

(about The Big Sleep (1946)) ‘This ******* movie gives me a headache every time I watch it!’

(answering the phone) ‘Ahoy hoy, is this Myrna Loy?’

‘I blame Dark Victory (1939) entirely for my hypochondria’

‘April 5th is such an awesome day for Classic Hollywood buffs’

‘I would so love to go party with Eve Arden!’

And so on…
e’re a crazy bunch of people! ❤

14 thoughts on “Things I’ve said as a Classic Hollywood buff…

  1. annsblyth

    All of this is so true, especially the birthdays and The Big Sleep! I keep multiple calendars of Old Hollywood birthdays and remember way more than I should! April 5th is pretty awesome, but my personal favorite is February 8th, and October 17th’s nothing to spit at either!

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  2. I do the same with birthdays – and it actually helps me remember to congratulate the people I know in real life! And I had JUST realized I’ve seen and reviewed too many films from 1937 – reason unknown.
    That was a fun list!

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