My favorite scene in Duck Soup (1933)

Chico and Harpo gang up on Edgar Kennedy 3

We all love Duck Soup (1933). It’s as crazy as a box of cats and every scene is comedy gold. But there’s one scene that stands out for me. No, not the mirror scene (I know, I know…). My favorite scene from Duck Soup is actually the three hats scene. The first time I saw the film, back in the glorious summer of 2007, I laughed uncontrollably and had to rewind the scene about four or five times. It is pure genius from start to finish. Chico’s ‘I’m a spy and he’s a spy’ speech, Harpo’s goofiness, and, of course, Edgar Kennedy’s hilarious reactions. I don’t have a favorite Marx Brother, but I do have a soft spot for the Chico/Harpo combo (‘Charpo’, in modern terms), and the three hats scene, to me, is one of their best moments. It’s just great. ‘Peanuts!’

2 thoughts on “My favorite scene in Duck Soup (1933)

  1. Mike

    A nice take on these 2 films, Carol. I hadn’t thought about it in that perspective. You’re right about the classic scene from ” Notorious”- suspense wasn’t Hitch’s only forte. Lastly, by reviewing more mainstream films this time, it gives me a breather from catching up on the films you’ve recommended . 😊

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