Giving films a second chance…

Lately, I’ve been re-watching movies I didn’t particularly like when I first saw them, because I like to give movies a second chance. I don’t like it when I don’t like a movie. I know it’s weird, but I just feel bad about it. And because Noirvember is coming, this month I will be re-watching noirs I didn’t particularly like for whatever reason, as well as noirs I DID like and want to watch again. I watched Detour (1945) two nights ago, because it had been about six years since I last saw it and I didn’t particularly love it then, but having watched it again, it’s grown on me. It’s got some of the best lines in noir history (in particular, the last line) and Vera (Ann Savage) is a fantastic villain and, to use an expression I despise, ahead of her time.  She’s just great. It’s quite na impressive film and I can’t believe I didn’t think much of it when I first saw it. What was I thinking? See, this is what I’m talking about. These things get to me on a personal level.

Anyway, can’t wait for Noirvember!

6 thoughts on “Giving films a second chance…

  1. Giving films a second try is wise and wonderful. I should do it with The Killers!

    When I last taught Detour to college students, they didn’t like it until they saw other noir and considered it within historical context. Tom Neal’s eyebrows and self-pity are worth the price of admission, and yes, Vera is a particularly vicious femme fatale.

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  2. Yes movies deserved to be given a second chance. Ok my least favourite movie is Dear John and I don’t think I will give it a second chance and it’s not like if it was a masterpiece either… But curiously, the same movie director made 2 other movies that I love: Chocolat and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. There are a few movies that I didn’t like so much the first time I saw them but that I now love: 42nd Street (now it’s one of those movies I could just watch over and over), Vertigo (curiously, writing a school essay on it made me love it!), Separate Tables, Night Train to Munich, etc.

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  3. Good post. I love Humphrey Bogart. However the first time that I watched Sirocco I thought the movie was a bit slow. After a second viewing I really liked the movie. Overall I have watched the movie about five times and I really enjoy it, obviously 😀.

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