7 things I love about Some Like It Hot (1959)


Ah, Some Like It Hot (1959, dir. Billy Wilder). Who doesn’t love Some Like It Hot? In fact, I’d go as far as to say that very few movies are as universally beloved as this. And why not? It’s simply perfect, in my opinion. It’s my 5th favorite film of all time and it has remained firmly in the top 5 since the first time I watched it. And while I love absolutely everything about it, I thought I’d share with you 7 of my most favorite things.

– The song ‘Runnin’ Wild’. I love, love, love that song! In fact, I love all the songs in it (‘Down Among The Sheltering Palms’ is just beyond lovely), but Runnin’ Wild is upbeat, crazy and fun, like the film itself.

– The chemistry between Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. One of the greatest trios in movies history. They feed off each other brilliantly and all three of them are at the top of their game.

– The name Sweet Sue and Her Society Syncopators. I mean, how great is that? Also, Joan Shawlee is incredibly underrated. She was always a welcome addition to any movie – I mean, who can forget her (regrettably brief) performance as Sylvia in The Apartment (1960)?

– The ‘party’ on the train. It is so wacky, you just want to join in!

– Jack Lemmon and Joe E. Brown doing the tango. Always cracks me up!

– The scenes on the yacht. Only Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis could make a scene both hot and adorable.

– The fact that when it’s over, you want to watch it again. It’s such a feel-good movie! One of those that you can watch over and over again and never tire of it. It just makes you feel so happy and cosy!


Here’s to Some Like It Hot, the ultimate desert island movie!


8 thoughts on “7 things I love about Some Like It Hot (1959)

  1. Mike

    It doesn’t get better than” some like it hot”. If there was justice it should have won a slew of Oscars. Like your take on it- would like to see this format for other films, Carol👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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