Berkeley galore!

There was a Busby Berkeley blogathon a few days ago, which I missed. I hate not participating in blogathons, because I just love connecting with other bloggers, but I was working and I just couldn’t do it. I mean, I did talk about 42nd Street the other day, but that was just a coincidence. My friend Virginie over at The Wonderful World of Cinema did a fantastic post about five of his musicals (check it out if you can), and now I’ve made a mental note to have a Busby Berkeley marathon one of these days. Can’t wait. This type of thing really comes in handy when you just can’t decide what to watch.

7 thoughts on “Berkeley galore!

      1. Randall Green

        I hadn’t thought of searching that way; thanks for the tip. And I also hadn’t heard about the 31 Days of Oscars. Thanks! I’ll check it out!

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