‘It Might As Well Be Spring’


Though not the best Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, State Fair (1945) is certainly one of the loveliest. Not only that, but it also has one of their greatest ever tunes, the Oscar-winning ‘It might as well be Spring’. Oh, what a wonderful number. A tad reminiscent of ‘The Boy Next Door’ from Meet me in St Louis (1944), if you will. And Jeanne Crain! She had a face made for Technicolor and she never looked more radiant than she did here.

State Fair is such a sweet little thing. I feel like it’s one of those films you put on when you want to feel all nice and cozy. And who doesn’t love Dana Andrews? That man was great in everything.

10 thoughts on “‘It Might As Well Be Spring’

  1. Mike

    Yes, very underrated musical Carol. I saw a Broadway production with John Davidson that was very enjoyable. Lesser Rogers and Hammerstein is better than major work from other composers.

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  2. I love State Fair, and It Might as Well be Spring is one of my favorite movie songs EVER. And, yes, Jeanne Crain was made for Technicolor. She was gorgeous and so underrated!

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