The elusive Raw Deal (1948) theme tune

Just where exactly does one find such a thing? I’ve looked everywhere for ages and I cannot find it. It’s such a hypnotizing theme tune, and because I’m writing a noir serial at the moment, I’ve been listening to a lot of noir theme tunes (David Raksin was a genius, by the way, Laura (1944) and The Big Combo (1955)? Is he kidding me? Hero!) but I simply cannot find the one from Raw Deal. If anybody knows where I can get it, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “The elusive Raw Deal (1948) theme tune

  1. John A. Rizzo

    Go to YouTube and search Raw Deal 1948 instrumental. (Sorry, it’s only about a minute long.) You can also hear it if you watch Raw Deal 1948 trailer.

    As for “Laura”, I think Mr. Raksin may have borrowed some of his theme from Frederick Hollander’s “Here Comes Mr. Jordan” score. Check out the similarities when you have a moment.

    ; )

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    1. Yeah, I couldn’t get that over here I don’t know why. Same with The Big Combo theme (same user), although I did find another clip. It says it’s not available in my country. I tried logging off, but no luck.

      Thank you! 😀


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