Thoughts on The Big Sleep (1946)


I like to say I have a love-hate relationship with The Big Sleep. I don’t. I love The Big Sleep. And it grows on me every time I watch it. Maybe because I understand it a little bit better each time. But regardless of its excruciatingly convoluted plot, it is such a fun and exciting film to watch. It has so much going for it. The sexual tension, the big and bold noir shots, the performances, the Bogie-Bacall chemistry (*fans self*)… Not to mention that, as far as noirs go, the humor is second to none. I love that about it. On the surface, it looks and feels like the darkest, most action-packed noir, and yet the humor provides excellent comic relief throughout. It’s an all-around perfect piece of entertainment and it works on every level. And Howard Hawks was quite simply a magnificent director. But I think I’ve fangirled over him too much as it is.

13 thoughts on “Thoughts on The Big Sleep (1946)

  1. John A. Rizzo

    “Well it wasn’t intentional.” “Try it sometime.”

    I must have seen the film about 10 times before I figured out what that exchange was about.

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  2. Nico

    “Vivian: Why did you have to go on?

    Marlowe: Too many people told me to stop.”

    Love the dialogue. When they’re telling you stop, you know you’re onto something.

    Great blog by the way, Nico, MU

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