COMEDY GOLD #5: Sister Act from The Awful Truth (1937)


I think Irene Dunne’s performance in The Awful Truth (1937) is one of the greatest, most nuanced comedic performances of all time and while I could have chosen any scene from it (‘I know, my toast is burning’ was a strong contender), I do think the moment when she pretends to be her ex-husband Jerry (Cary Grant)’s sister is a great one. From the moment she walks in, until the moment she is dragged out by Jerry, having weirded out his fiancé’s family, it is pure, crazy fun. I just love the randomness of it all. Like when she suddenly gets up and says ‘Say, wait a minute, don’t anybody leave this room, I’ve lost my purse!’ – it’s such a silly moment! And of course, her hilarious rendition of ‘My Dreams Are Gone With The Wind’ is one of the highlights of the film. Her silly dance and her attempt at doing the hip thrust, which prompts one of the most adorable moments in the film (‘I never could do that!’) are pure comedy gold. She was nominated for an Oscar for this performance and it certainly stands out as one of the absolute greatest in screwball comedy history.

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