Johnny Guitar (1954): Guilty Pleasure? Nah


Johnny Guitar (dir. Nicholas Ray), the Casablanca of westerns, is a psychological melodrama that often gets overlooked and unfairly dismissed. It’s not the greatest of westerns by any means but it’s a darn good film nonetheless. And I love how utterly, outrageously fabulous it is. I love Vienna (Joan Crawford), a strong-willed, unapologetic badass, and one of Crawford’s greatest creations; I love her outfits (the Queen of Fabulous has never looked more fabulous!), and Sterling Hayden is always a joy to watch. Not to mention that it’s got some of the best dialogue ever – ‘I searched for you in every man I met’, in particular, is a wonderful line. Is Johnny Guitar a guilty pleasure? Nah, just a pleasure.

8 thoughts on “Johnny Guitar (1954): Guilty Pleasure? Nah

  1. maddylovesherclassicfilms

    This one is great fun. Mercedes McCambridge and Joan Crawford steal all the scenes they are in as two very different, but equally tough and badass gals.

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  2. I watched this one for the first time about three weeks ago. I love Joan Crawford, I love her even in her less than stellar movies, i.e. Trog. How could you not mention Mercedes McCambridge as Emma Small. Emma is one of the most hate filled characters that I have ever seen in a movie.

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