5 reasons why Meet me in St. Louis (1944) is my favorite musical


I thought I’d kick off the Christmas festivities this year with my favorite musical of all time and a great Christmas movie in its own right, Vincente Minnelli’s Meet me in St Louis (1944). Here are five things I love about it:

The Trolley Song – It is, in my opinion, the most glorious moment in 1940s movie musicals. It is full of wonder, joy and excitement and it is the main reason Meet Me in St Louis always tops my ‘classics I’d love to be in’ list.

Margaret O’Brien’s performance – This might actually be my all-time favorite child performance. Her Tootie is the cherry on top of the Meet Me in St Louis cake; she embodies every emotion that we, as the viewers, feel throughout the film, in particular in the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sequence, which is always heart-breaking.

Sisterly love – I love sibling relationships in movies. And one of the things that always warms my heart in this movie is the loving, supporting relationships between all five of them, especially the four girls. No matter what happens (and it’s a lot!), Esther, Rose, Agnes and Tootie are always there for each other. In fact, the whole family are one of the most endearing and loving there has ever been in a film, despite their differences.

The way it looks – Aesthetics were always a key aspect of MGM musicals and their importance should never be under-estimated. Meet me in St Louis is no exception. It looks beautiful. It looks appealing and warm and sweet. Its colors jump out of the screen and for two hours, St Louis looks like the place to be.

There’s something for everyone – One of the many things that makes Meet Me in St Louis so special to me is that it can fit into any category. It’s a musical, a romance, a family dramedy, a suburban tale, and a holiday movie – Halloween and Christmas, no less. Talk about iconic!

Happy Holidays, folks!

10 thoughts on “5 reasons why Meet me in St. Louis (1944) is my favorite musical

  1. Mike noonan

    You make a great argument for it as best movie musical. It is such an enjoyable film. I saw a Broadway version of it and it pales in comparison. With this, โ€œ the wizard of oz โ€œ, and โ€œ A Star is Born โ€œ.โ€, Judy garland starred in 3 of the best movie musicals of all time. Carol,have a Merry Christmas and a happy Boxing Day!!๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

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  2. Great article Carol! We can perfectly feel your adoration for this film!

    This is another film I watched very recently. It was great and made me want to see more Judy Garland’s films! The cinematography of this film is spectacular. The Trolley Song was great, makes you want to ride in one! I also liked the theme song.

    However I must admit I really didn’t like Margaret O’Brien’s performance. She was cute but she annoyed me so much lol. I also thought the actor who played the neighbour was a bit insignificant, very boy next door. But in a way it fitted his character. But that’s just my opinion!

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