Goodbye 2018

As we approach 2019, The Old Hollywood Garden enters its fourth year (!) and I, for one, cannot believe it. Four years! A lot of stuff has happened, and I feel like 2018 has been the best year so far, blog-wise. Looking back, I have written some of my best stuff, if I can say so myself, and I have broaden my tastes – horror season in October was particularly delightful. And while Double Bill has ended, there will be another series of posts starting next month, about something that is particularly close to my heart. Once again, I would like to thank you all, especially Mike, Denise, Mark, Virginie, Troy, Brian, Jon, Maddy, among many others, for your continuous support,  friendship, likes and comments. Have a great 2019, everyone!



8 thoughts on “Goodbye 2018

  1. Mike noonan

    Your welcome Carol! looking forward to more of your blogs in 2019! Can’t believe it’s beem 4 years!. They’ re always well written and informative. You’ve introduced me to many lesser known films and actors! Happy new Year!!🎈🎆

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