FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #10: Juror 12 (Robert Webber)


Like Juror 7, Juror 12 is much more interested in his life outside of that room than in the case. He’s an adversiting executive and his constant references to his job seem to indicate a safety net that he created for himself, which makes it harder for him to come out of it and focus on something else for once. At first, he’s distracted and indecisive and he seems to be perfectly okay with a ‘hung jury’ verdict but eventually, he drops his shallow and dismissive demeanour and starts focusing. Juror 12’s inabibility and unwillingness to find his voice and use it wisely could have had dire consequences for ‘The Boy’, and his attitude is a lesson on the dangers of staying in your comfort zone, especially if it hurts other people in the process. Caring and speaking up cost nothing and Juror 12 had to learn that throughout the film.

2 thoughts on “FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #10: Juror 12 (Robert Webber)

  1. Mike Noonan

    I definitely agree Carol, btw, I just finished a very good biography on Sidney Lumet by Maura Spiegel. It devotes a whole chapter to the making of this great film.

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