Happy Kate Day!

Kate 63

It’s Katharine Hepburn’s birthday! And we are all in quarantine! Woo! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will have seen my ‘Classic Hollywood stars react to the quarantine’ series – if you haven’t, do, I’m hilarious – so because it’s May 12th, here is the Katharine Hepburn edition! Some of her lockdown-appropriate movie quotes to get you by:

‘Henry, I have a confession. I don’t much like our children.’ The Lion in Winter (1968)

‘No, just go. As though you were only going into the next room.’ A Bill of Divorcement (1932)

‘Have some tequila, Peg.’ Desk Set (1957)

‘Oh Charlie, we’re having our first quarrel.’ The African Queen (1951)

‘Well, you don’t expect to be watching me every minute… out of every… twenty-four hours… out of every day, do you?’ Pat and Mike (1952)

‘I’m going crazy. I’m standing here solidly on my own two hands and going crazy.’ The Philadelphia Story (1940)

‘Good and drunk!’ Holiday (1938)


Happy 113th Birthday, Kate ❤

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