FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #7: Juror 6 (Edward Binns)


Though he is perhaps, along with Juror 2, the most unassuming member of the panel, his emotional intelligence sets him apart. His quiet, unremarkable nature is a welcome contrast to the more empathic attitude of the louder jurors. A house painter by trade, Juror 6 is aware that a more qualified person should be in his position, but nevertheless, he offers his opinions and stands up for his colleagues when needed. More importantly, his ‘not guilty’ vote finally splits the room.

4 thoughts on “FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #7: Juror 6 (Edward Binns)

  1. Mike Noonan

    You’re right Carol. He was very unassuming. I haven’t seen the film in awhile and forgot all about him. Will have to rewatch after you ‘ve finished this series.

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  2. Edward Binns is the classic “that guy” insomuch as you recognize his face, but never remember his name. Not to mention he’s in so much great stuff. You’ve got this one in 12 Angry Men. But he’s also in Patton, Fail-Safe and (insert great 70’s American TV show here). And that’s not all!

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