FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #6: Juror 1 (Martin Balsam)


As the foreman, Juror 1 (Martin Balsam) tries his best to keep the peace and remain unbiased. He is also the only one who doesn’t ever explain his reasoning for voting guilty and subsequently not guilty. With his non-confrontational attitude, Juror 1 is a much-needed addition to the group, especially towards the second half, when, ironically, his stint as the moderator becomes moot as the tensions rise…

2 thoughts on “FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #6: Juror 1 (Martin Balsam)

  1. Mike noonan

    Such a great character actor . He also was in in Sidney Lumet ‘s “ the Anderson tapes”. In the 70’s I saw him in a restaurant. I still regret Not going up to him to tell him how much I admired his acting. Btw, I did make a comment on Howard Koch but never got confirmation that it was processed,

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    1. Yeah, I got your comment, it was a double comment so only the first got through! It’s under the article 😀
      That’s so awesome, I’m usually super star-struck around celebrities as well lol


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