Ask Me Anything!

It’s 2021 (!), my sixth blogging year (!!) and it’s about time I did an AskMeAnything! Woop Woop! You can post your questions in the comment section under this post and I will answer them in a separate post next week. All topics are accepted (except politics), not just film-related stuff, but keep it clean. Ask away! Muah x

11 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

  1. Mike Noonan

    Hi Carol. We know who your favorite actress is. Who is your favorite actor?

    Your top 5 films after β€œ the apartment β€œ

    Of present day actor and actresses who are your favorites?

    The most overlooked or underrated movie.

    Looking forward to your answers .

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  2. How would you feel about a remake of the following movies?

    All About Eve
    The Apartment
    The Asphalt Jungle

    Did you see the remakes of DOA from 1988 and the remake of Out Of The Past, Against All Odds from 1984? If so what are you thoughts?

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  3. Happy blogging anniversary! πŸ˜€ Time flies!

    I would like to know if you have a favourite national cinema (like aside from American cinema) and why. For example, do you love Swedish cinema or Spanish cinema, or any other national cinema?

    I’d also be curious to know what’s your take, perspective on British noirs. I don’t think I’ve seen you talk about those on your blog!

    Oh, and what’s your favourite cocktail? That’s totally random but since we drank cocktails together in London it just poped-out hahah

    I’ll be looking forward to your answers! πŸ˜€

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