I answer your questions!

That was fun! I had a blast answering your questions, thank you again for submitting them!

Dina asked: ‘Why is there still sexism in Hollywood to a certain degree?’

That is a very complex question and I’m probably not the best person to talk about it. There are so many factors that contribute to this, and that goes for representation, diversity, sexism, homophobia, racism, etc, but ultimately those things are reflected in Hollywood because they still exist in the real world. The system serves a limited group of people and it has been that way for years. When it comes to movies, we can see that in terms of blockbuster movies, ticket sales, female-led projects, and this is reflected in budget given to male vs female filmmakers, exposure, etc, and it takes a while for things to change. I think things are definitely improving though and cinema/TV is much more open-minded that it used to be. But we still have a long way to go.

Mike asked ‘Who is your favorite actor?’

My favorite actor is Cary Grant. Not only was he a phenomenal actor, but I also think he’s probably the best personafication of ‘movie star’.

‘What are your top 5 favorite films after The Apartment?’

Ooh, this is a tough one. It changes all the time, but for now I will say Casablanca, All About Eve, Some Like it Hot, Rear Window and Double Indemnity.

‘Who is your favorite modern actor and actress?’

Again, tough one! There are so many. If I had to pick my number 1 favorite actress, it would definitley be Cate Blanchett. My favorite actor is probably Al Pacino.

‘What is the most overlooked movie?’

I quite like The Coen Brothers’ Miller’s Crossing. That one doesn’t get mentioned nearly as much as it should. Also The Big Combo.

Jon asked ‘Who are your five favorite screenwriters?’

Great question. Billy Wilder, Ernest Lehman, Ben Hecht, Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, among many others.

J-Dub asked ‘By reading my blog, would you conclude that I’m completely insane, brain-damaned, a heavy drinker or all of the above?’

Haha, none of the above. You’re a knowledgeable movie buff and critic.

Troy asked ‘How would you feel about a remake of All about Eve, The Apartment and The Aslphalt Jungle?’

Ooh! A resounding no to all of those. Haha.

Did you see the remake of DOA and the remake of Out of the Past, Against All Odds?’

I haven’t seen the DOA one, but I’ve seen Against All Odds and it just isn’t very good. Can’t stand Rachel Ward, and honestly Out of the Past doesn’t need a remake.

Stephen asked ‘What do you think of South Korean cinema?’

Great question. This is something I hope to explore in my new series, but in general, I like it. Definitely a powerhouse.

Sofia asked ‘What is the last film you watched with Katharine Hepburn?

I watched The Lion in Winter this Christmas. I love that movie, but this was the first time I actually watched during the holidays. An unconventional Christmas movie for sure. And a very fun one!

Paul asked ‘Are there any classics most people love, but you dislike?’

Haha, always a controversial topic. I will say My Fair Lady. Not a big fan at all. It just feels dated, patronising and frankly, irritating.

Virginie asked ‘What is your favorite national cinema?’

This is an interesting question, because my new series of posts will have a little something to do with this… Anyway, I love Italian cinema and French cinema.

What is your take on British noirs?’

I love them! The Third Man is clearly the most well-known of them all, but there is a lot of great stuff there! I will try talk about some of them this Noirvember.

What is your favorite cocktail?’

Aww, nostalgia! I think we went to Be At One when you were here, and they do an amazing Pornstar Martini! Also Candy Pants. But Pornstar Martini is probably my favorite.

Thank you so much for your questions! Hope to do this again soon! Carol x

6 thoughts on “I answer your questions!

  1. Mike Noonan

    Yes, this was fun. Maybe it can be annual event. Al Pacino is also my favorite current male actor. Cate Blanchett is definitely on my top 3. Definitely agree that’s” miller’s Crossing” is a classic and as you know I saw “ the big combo” based on your recommendation. Looking forward to what you have in store this year.

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