Max Steiner and Now, Voyager (1942)

When you have Casablanca and Gone With the Wind under your belt, it seems strange that anybody would pick any other film score as their favorite. And yet, here it is: Now, Voyager is my favorite Max Steiner score. Now, I’ve already talked about Bette Davis’ incredible performance in the 1943 Best Actress Oscar nominees article, but the recent BFI season dedicated to her – if you live in London, don’t miss it! – made me think, again, about that magnificently wonderful score.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Now, Voyager (dir. Irving Rapper) tells the story of Charlotte Vale (Davis), a single and, by society’s standards, unattractive woman who, after freeing herself from the controlling claws of her mother (Gladys Cooper), finds the love she never had with architect Jerry Durrance (Paul Henreid). I mean… only Max Steiner could have scored that. And boy, did he! One of THE greatest weepies of all time, Now, Voyager is beautifully enveloped by that melancholic, ultra-romantic melody that thankfully pops up every ten minutes or so, much to everyone’s delight. Every heartbreak and every desolation that Charlotte goes through, every moment of joy and every moment of pain she feels comes with Steiner’s rousing masterpiece. And nobody understood this better than Bette. In 1939, during the making of Dark Victory (dir. Edmund Goulding), Bette stopped the climactic scene and asked Goulding if Steiner was going to score the picture. He said he didn’t know and asked what the big deal was. She famously said, ‘Either I’m going to climb those stairs or Max Steiner is going to climb those stairs. But I’ll be goddamned if Max Steiner and I are going to climb those stairs together!’. They did and she always referred to him as ‘my beloved Max Steiner.’ He scored 21 of her movies. And won an Oscar for Now, Voyager. Beautiful.

15 thoughts on “Max Steiner and Now, Voyager (1942)

  1. John A. Rizzo

    That’s a beautiful score. But then, it’s amazing how much great music he wrote in his prolific career. From me, picking one favorite is a bit like picking a favorite Hitchcock movie. But my sentimental choice is “The Big Sleep” because of how much it lends to the film’s atmosphere. 

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    1. Mike Noonan

      I missed this classic. Will definitely watch it. A nice take on the score. You really do cover all aspects of film. Love Bette Davis’s line about Steiner.

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  2. Mike noonan

    Can’t believe I missed this wonderful film. It goes in different directions that I didn’t anticipate. Great performance and a wonderful score as you pointed out. Also it shares with” Gone with the wind” as having one of the most famous closing lines in film history.

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  3. My favourite Bette Davis film changes all the time (don’t really know why) and sometimes my favourite is Now Voyager! It’s so glorious and of course the music contributes to that. However, my favourite Max Steiner’s score really is the one for Casablanca!

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