1001 Movies to See Before You Die

I love this book. I own three editions of it (1st, 2nd and 11th) and I think they’re excellent. But one thing that’s always baffled me about it, is that there seem to be some massive omissions. I don’t mean in the sense that, I think this or that movie should be in it because I like it, I understand that not every movie is going to make it onto the list, but still, Three on a Match (1932), The Big Combo (1955) and Rififi (1955) are all missing from it and I can’t imagine why. In fact, I was so shocked that Rififi wasn’t in it, that I ran through the 1955 pages three times and then checked the Index. It’s not in it! Whaaaa…??

Anyway, I suppose that’s bound to happen. That’s the beauty of these things. It’s all subjective and it gets you talking. And it’s only 1001 movies, anyway. They can’t all be in.

Cracking book, nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “1001 Movies to See Before You Die

  1. This book is a must indeed. There’s some movies that don’t really appeal to me however, so I guess I’ll die an unhappy cinephile lol (or incomplete cinephile). I think the edition I have is the 5th one (with Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones on the cover).

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