My favorite blogs


One of my favorite things about having and running a blog is that I get to meet other movie buffs and learn from their blogs. So today I decided to tell you about some of my favorite blogs.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Jaime Rebanal’s Film Thoughts – An incredibly varied movie blog, with reviews of movies from all eras, genres and countries. Very insightful and very well-written.

4 Star Films – Has been one of my favorites for months now. It reviews classic movies as well as modern movies. It often offers a fresh point of view on several movies, and it makes you think.

Projected Perspectives – Focuses on all types and eras of films and it offers intelligent and observant opinions. I also love the layout! It looks so pretty.

B Noir Detour – A film noir blog. As a massive noir lover, I often come to this blog to find out about some film that I haven’t seen yet and I’m never disappointed. There are also opinions polls, which I love!

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – My friend Crystal runs this one. Her reviews are always on point and she offers an extensive, comprehensive and interesting backstory to every review.

Shadows and satin – Another noir blog. This was my very first ‘favorite’ blog and it still is in the top 5. Incredibly entertaining, insightful and witty, and with a fantastic way with words.

Beguiling Hollywood – With a layout that offers several photos, most of which candid photos, once you click on them, there are all sorts of Hollywood stories and quotes behind them!

Hometowns to Hollywood – It delivers what it promises. A blog about the humble (and not so humble) beginnings of classic movie stars. A comprehensive guide to the hometowns of our beloved stars, with loads of photos and interesting trivia!

The Wonderful World of Cinema – My friend Virginie is the owner of this blog. Having known her for a while, I know how passionate and knowledgeable she is about movies. This blog is always a joy to read!

CineMave’s Essays from the Couch – The wonderful Theresa runs this one and I mean, she RUNS it! An interesting, versatile, witty and downright funny blog about all things Classic Hollywood.

Flickin’ Out – A fun, interesting and really sweet blog about Classic Hollywood, that features reviews, opinions and personal stories.

Once Upon a Screen – A sophisticated blog that offers opinions about classic movies, radio and television as well as tributes and the occasional blogathon. It’s lovely and fun.

If your blog is not on the list, FEAR NOT! This is only part 1. Tune in on Sunday for more of my favorite blogs!



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