My favorite blogs, part 2


A few days ago I wrote a post about some of my favorite blogs. Here are some more:

Shades of Noir – A blog whose tagline is ‘No answers, just opinions’ – it delivers just that. A fun, informative blog about movies, music, television, sport, etc…

Cinema Cities – Reviews, lists, blogathons, AFI challenges (so much fun!), this blog has everything. The layout is really neat, as well.

Just Plain Ol’ Vic – Not a movie blog, but rather a personal blog that started out as a platform for the author to cope with family issues. It’s honest, and sometimes very fun.

Copywriting, Poetry and Short Stories – My friend Christina runs this one. I love her short stories! We did a writing course together a few years back and she’s a really talented writer.

Criterion Blues… – A great movie blog that also features a podcast, and loads of Top 10 lists!

Fun Wunderlust – Nothing but beautiful pictures of beautiful places all over the world. This blog calms me down.

Love Letters to Old Hollywood – It is exactly that. I’ve agreed with pretty much everything that’s been written on this blog.

Backlots – Another great Classic Hollywood blog. Reviews, tributes and highlights from the TCM Classic Film Festival (jealous!)

Movies Silently – A blog about, you guessed it, silent movies. Very, very informative and it often showcases actors/directors/films that may have been forgotten.

Travalanche – An awesome blog about everything showbiz! From TCM, to comedy to its signature feature, Stars of Vaudeville.

Supervistaramacolorscope – A very informative, insightful and comprehensive movie blog. Great reviews, and it often features slightly obscure movies.

The Cinema Café – Reviews with ratings about all sorts of movies, as well as incredibly fun quizzes!

The Hollywood Revue – Reviews, tributes and a feature about movie references on The Simpsons!

If you didn’t get the chance to see part 1, here it is.

9 thoughts on “My favorite blogs, part 2

  1. Wow there are some here I had to heard about before! I will have to check them 🙂
    I finally had the pleasure to meet Michaela from Love Letters From Old Hollywood when I was in Prague. It was really nice, especially the fact that she was my age 🙂

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